The Klúk/CGDT Collaboration Launch

We had the launch of our collaboration with the fantastic Klúk/CGDT at their beautiful Showroom in Bree Street.


A recent collaboration between Mae Rugs and Kluk?CGDT sees a bold, fun and flamboyant collection of rugs sure to attract the attention of the most discerning (and playful) interior designers. 

Mae Pakdoust, owner of Mae Artisan Rugs, approached Malcolm and Christiaan of Kluk/CGDT as her first collaboration partners, because she has always been inspired by them.

“I own several of their pieces, and simply love their aesthetic, bold colour choices and design,” said Mae. “It seemed a great fit and I was over the moon when they expressed interest in working together. We used strong, modern graphics and fashion colours to create something quite different from what is available on the local market today.”

Mae sourced the wools and silks, which were hand woven by her team in Kathmandu, and the end result is a collection that is both luxury interior product, and fashion statement.

For Malcolm and Christiaan, it was a perfect fit and an opportunity to do something different.

“When Mae contacted us with the idea to work together, we jumped on it,” said Malcolm Kluk. “We love to associate ourselves with quality design and the opportunity to create a luxury product with an international quality and standard could not be missed. We love the challenge of all disciplines in design, and rugs were just another angle to work from. Rugs are so important in an interior space as they frame that setting.”

“In terms of the graphics, we love colour and their juxtaposition together, while playing with colours and pixilation, we came upon the first design and went from there. The strong graphic was modern and will contemporise all types of furniture adding another dimension to the layering that we like so much. We introduced fashion colours to an interior product; we believe they work hand in hand.”

“The tiger rug was a pure indulgence – we love the Nepalese tradition for tiger rugs and wanted to add our voice to this ancient tradition,” concludes Malcolm.

Mae too, is delighted with the end result and the tiger rug in particular. “It was so much fun to get to play with so many bold colours,” she said. “The tiger with his happy face was a wild addition. I adore him and smile whenever I see him!”



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