Welcome to the home of Mae Artisan Rugs

What We Do

Residential Design

At Mae Artisan Rugs we offer a free on-site consultation service. We aim to work closely with decorators and clients, to fulfill their specific needs in order to create a rug perfectly suited to the client’s spacial constraints, whilst taking into account their taste and budget.

Commercial Design

At Mae Artisan Rugs we work closely with sourcing companies, architects and prominent designers to create rugs that fit the requirements of high traffic areas within the hospitality industry, whilst maintaining a high aesthetic appeal that suits the brand’s identity.

Maintenance & Repair

At Mae Rugs we take the utmost due diligence in sourcing the highest quality materials used in the manufacturing of our rugs and whilst our rugs last a lifetime; cleaning and care for your rug is important. We offer a cost-effective cleaning  and repair service, feel free to enquire with us.

Our Process

  • Meet & Greet
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Deliver & Install

This stage of the process is integral to understanding the clients requirement from a spacial perspective, that being the frequency of use, either residential or commercial. The taste and design aesthetic of the client will be determined as well as the client’s budget.

Based on the information supplied by either the client or designer at our initial meeting, a selection from the in-house design library is made and amended as per the clients brief and visualization of the custom Mae Rug is made.

The first draft is presented to the client followed by subsequent meetings with redrafts until the client is satisfied and we can move into production, which takes between 12 -20 weeks depending on the quality ordered by the client.

Once the manufacturing process is complete the custom rug will delivered in the quoted time period. For customers within the Cape Town and Johannesburg regions we have a dedicated team that will deliver and install your custom Mae Rug as per the customers requirements including the re positioning of existing furniture.